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       About Me

I love being involved in any type of event, I love the ideas unfolding, the magic and excitement of what could be.

 I thrive on this excitement; I have immense passion in all aspects of event management, I relish the thought of providing an experience, not just an event.

Whether it's corporate, social or a special occasion I will deliver an experience that will never be forgotten. I will take your ideas, ideas that you may feel impossible and I will deliver.

         Why Me


I can take out all of the nitty gritty of event planning, I can sort the finer details, I can ensure the logistics work and I can give you a well delivered hassle free event just for you.


I will take away the pressure the stress and the uncertainty, that we all feel when out of our comfort zones. Let me give you the chance to sit back and watch your ideas, desires and expectations unfold.


                        The Process

I am a very organised person and when I don’t understand how something will work or what people are offering me I need to know more. So I have decided to break this down for you, as everyone wants to understand how things can be done,

We meet, we discuss your event, I go away to pull together an event proposal, we meet again, we discuss and you decide if you would like to take it any further. It’s that simple.

I can offer a service at any stage of your event for you, or I can do everything for you.


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